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What is Grounding? How to Use Nature to Ground Us and Boost Wellness

What is Grounding? How to Use Nature to Ground Us and Boost Wellness

As we celebrate Earth Day and the arrival of Spring, we typically focus on getting outside, cleaning up, and learning about how we, as humans, impact our Earth. While important, we also forget ways in which to grow and cultivate a relationship with the Earth and its elements. Grounding, also known as earthing, is considered a newer age technique, but is as old as humans themselves. It is used as a way to help us reconnect with the Earth to promote self-healing. It involves walking barefoot or laying down on grass, mud, or sand while outdoors. Research has found that grounding can reduce pain, inflammation and improve immune response as well as wound repair. It has also been found to positively impact chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease and sleep disorders. 

To take it one step further, we can explore what each earth element is and how to develop an energetic relationship with it. Learning about earth elements can help us use nature to ground us and boost wellness.


  • It is typically related to our emotions and physical bodies since we are made up of 66% of it.

  • How to connect with water: 

  • drinking water, taking a bath, doing a cleansing (meditative) shower, watching or standing in the rain, going to the beach or a nearby lake, and keeping a bowl of water near you throughout the day (just remember to pour it out) 


  • It is typically related to our passion, will power, and known for its cleansing abilities.

  • How to connect with fire: 

  • lighting a candle, burning sage, eating warming or spicy foods, resting or being present near a campfire or fireplace, and exercising or warming the body.


  • It is typically related to our thoughts and intellect.

  • How to connect with air:

  • observing and being present with the wind, keeping bird feathers around, meditating or practicing breathwork, and learning.


  • It is typically related to our stability, safety, and groundedness.

  • How to connect with the earth:

  • grounding by putting feet in the grass, spending time outside, holding rocks or crystals, putting our hands in dirt, and keeping plants in our homes.

earth elements

As you can see, many of these practices are interconnected and allow us to work with multiple elements simultaneously. Fostering a connection with the Earth and its elements allows us to have greater respect and compassion for the Earth, each other, and ourselves. Through research, we are continuing to learn about ourselves and our oneness with the Earth and animals around us. May we use this Earth Day as an opportunity to try something new and develop a closer, more personal connection to the nature around us. 



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