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Learn About Intuitive Eating: Rejecting The Diet Mentality

Updated: Mar 27

Learn About Intuitive Eating and Reject the Diet Mentality

Diet culture permeates so much of our lives that it’s almost impossible to not be affected by it.  Atkins. Keto. Paleo. Vegan. Weight Watchers. Whole 30. The list goes on and on. 

Then add in all of the messaging we consume, whether it’s through TV or social media, and we have a recipe for some unhealthy habits.

Diet mentality tells us that our worth is more tied to how we look rather than focusing on the concept of finding healthiness for YOUR body. It focuses on numbers and goals that may not be achievable, leading to rules and limitations that can create a pattern of disordered eating behaviors.

Stuck in a dieting mindset? You may be exhibiting signs such as:

  • Limiting food choices

  • Cutting out whole food groups

  • Continually searching for the next best diet

  • Skipping meals or excessively exercising to make up for dietary lapses

We want to feel healthy and we want to like how we look when we see ourselves in the mirror, but we don’t know how to get there. Developing a healthy diet does not require us to follow a specific fad diet. 

So what’s the remedy? 

While there are many ways to start your journey to a healthier self, INTUITIVE EATING is one of the more holistic and gentler ways to take your first steps. Rejecting the diet mentality is one of the key principles of intuitive eating. Intuitive eaters focus on healing their relationship with food.

Reject the all-or-nothing view of diet mentality. Connect with our registered dietitian to:

  • Start your journey to move forward by learning about intuitive eating and how to integrate it into your life

  • Identify negative self-talk about food and break the pattern of labeling them good/bad

  • Create attainable objectives that lead to long-term lifestyle changes

Healing your relationship with food and becoming an intuitive eater is a gradual process, not an overnight transformation. 


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