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IT Consulting


approaching trauma through the lens a whole-school & whole-child

building a healthier relationship
school and child

Our Trauma Informed Education Program is committed to meeting the needs of the whole child. The balance of academic and social emotional learning (SEL) is core to the success of all students. 

a school-based mental health program is guided by a framework of wellness and the principles of:

-    Inter-relatability
-    sustainability
-    equitability

A young girl with social anxiety who is now able to create friendships because of therapy

improve the mental health of students and staff

Our approach utilizes evidence-based methods in listening and empathizing with students and staff

We collaborate with district administrators, school staff, students, and the community alike


This approach results in a systemic effect and lasting outcomes 

If you're interested in consulting services for your school, business, or non-profit, simply book time to learn more.

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