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What We Do

Experts in the fields of mental health, the clinical team includes a group of dynamic and passionate professionals. While each brings their own specialties to the team, all Reimagined Mind clinicians are foundationally sound in the areas of trauma-informed and mindfulness-based care. Our standard of excellence will ensure you have an experience that is effective, empathetic, and enlightening.   >>>

Organizations need wellness check-ins too! In addition to our clinical practice, we consult with businesses and schools looking to enhance their overall organizational health. Utilizing our foundational holistic approach allows us to meet the company where they are at. We view the work from a systemic perspective, allowing the insights to foster healthy growth long after our work with you is complete.   >>>


We hope people who connect with us find Reimagined Mind to be a touchstone for inspiration, consultation, and clinical work.


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Connect with us today to start your journey to wellness.

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