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The #1 Gift You MUST Give This Christmas! (And the best part is, you could get it for free!)

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel mildly irritated when they hear Christmas music before Thanksgiving?? This year, I even saw Christmas decorations being sold long before Halloween. How much more overt can companies be with their Christmas consumerism efforts? And we all know these efforts are not because they have a genuine holly, jolly desire to make us feel merry and bright; it’s a concerted effort to subconsciously associate the sound of Christmas carols with the overwhelming desire to spend money. Well I am tired of it. I'm tired of Christmas cheer being synonymous with swiping my credit card. I'd take home-made gifts, tree decorating, cookie swaps, and ugly sweater parties by fireside any day over the mad dash at the malls. Find where the true Christmas spirit lives and go there.

This year, give the gift of presence versus presents.

dogs and christmas lights

Now I'm not totally an Anti-Gifter. Gift giving is certainly a fun part of the holidays. I like buying gifts for people when I know it's something they will really appreciate and enjoy. Not just a random gift card to check a name off my list. And when I take time to look back on my Christmas memories, the strongest and warmest memories don’t include boxes and bows.

If you’re tired of feeling the pressure of the holidays that comes from the surface-level values that consume our culture, then I encourage you to approach this year a little different. Consider increasing your presence of mind instead of presents from the stores.

What better way to do that than lessening the habitual routine of over-shopping and over-materializing this Christmas? Being present with loved ones is something we don’t always take the time to do throughout the year. Why not take use this Christmas as an opportunity to reset & reconnect for the upcoming New Year?

Here are some of my most memorable ways of being present for the holiday season:

  • Christmas Movie Nights

  • Christmas Cookie Baking

  • Snowball Fights (if the weather cooperates)

  • Date Night to See the Rockefeller Tree

  • Singing Along to Christmas Songs

  • Matching Christmas PJ’s

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Close your eyes, find the memory in your mind, and manifest it into your reality this Christmas.


Merry Christmas to All!!

With Warmth & Gratitude,


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