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Love Is Like a Dance

Dedicated to a beautiful couple who brings this poem to life.

Love you both. Never stop dancing.


Love is like a dance..

When the music starts, it's good to start slow.

In the beginning, we may even need a little help. So we put our feet on top of daddy's shoes and he sways back and forth and we start to feel the rhythm.

Love is funny that way. Jumping right into choreographing the hard moves before learning the two step can prove to be messy.

But it's no secret .. Love can be very messy.

Love's dance moves are not always the smoothest.

Especially not at first.

Sometimes Love is awkward and unfamiliar like our first middle school dance.

But when the right song comes on, we find the courage to walk onto the dance floor and move with the beat.

Love flows through us best when we are on beat and having fun.

It feels smooth and effortless and we never want that song to end.

But don't forget that Love also needs to take chances.

Take time to dance to the beat of your own drum.

Freestyle a little.. sometimes the time is right for a spotlight solo dance.

And other times Love takes two to tango.

You might find that you occasionally step on each other's feet.

Keep dancing.

Laugh together at the messy move and learn from it.

And remember to always finish with a twirl or two because Love loves to have fun.

Love needs energy. Shake things up.. learn to salsa or rumba.

Sometimes love may need a night out on the town.

So grab your friends and find a spot where the music is hot and get dancing.

Occasionally, Love needs time to rest.

So take off the dancing shoes and tend to Love's needs.

Maybe a nice foot rub is in order.

Love won't always be easy. At times it may feel like you have two left feet.

Keep dancing..

Because Love has a way of making a misstep look like part of the routine.

You may even look back and find those missteps were the best parts of the dance.

Now if you find yourself in a dance battle, don't panic.

You can show each other your best moves, but keep in mind that dancing together is always more fun.

Give Love some attention and find a way to blend those moves into a beautiful duet.

When Love is right you know.

There's nothing quite like when the beat grabs you.

You feel the bass right through to your core and the energy can't be contained.

The beat just takes over the body in an effortless expression of affection.

Love, like dance, is an unspoken language.

It's universal and echoes messages far beyond what words can attempt to express.

Remember that Love can't always have every move choreographed.

Sometimes it’s unpredictable and it's just meant to be felt.

It’s emotion in motion.

But no matter what, when Love is right, it has a way of waltzing itself straight into your heart.

Whatever life brings, all the ups and breakdowns, all the laughs and frowns, choose to dance through life together.

Always choose to dance.

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