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Counselor Tools: Emotional Regulation Lesson & Presentation

Are you a #counselor in a school or a private practice? Are you seeing the mental health of your students or clients take a nose dive? I know that's what I am experiencing within my work right now. Any time is a good time to enhance and practice emotional regulation. But in this moment, it is a necessity.

Working as a #StudentAssistanceCounselor in schools, part of my responsibility is working to increase the mental health and wellness of the student population, and the school culture, at large. One way I accomplish this is by introducing myself into classrooms for mini-lessons. In recent years, topics that have become staples in my classroom lesson repertoire are emotional regulation skills, social skills, unplugging from technology, mindfulness, and overall mental health education.

As a result of the current effect of Covid-isolation/anxiety/depression, these topics have become more important than ever and are worth being on repeat throughout schools. Below you'll find a presentation I created to teach various emotional regulation skills and to introduce the topic of tending to our emotions and #stress. The presentation is created within #Prezi and is free for you to use. I also created a handout to go along with the presentation, so the students have something tangible to take away and practice with.

Click the pictures to access the presentation and handout! Let me know how you liked it and what you are using to enhance student #mentalhealth this year!!


(Click on Picture to Access Full Size Handout)

Emotional Regulation techniques

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