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School Based Consultation Services

Trauma Informed Education (TIE): Whole-School, Whole-Child Approach




Reimagined Mind’s Trauma Informed Education Program is committed to meeting the needs of the whole child. The balance of academic and social emotional learning (SEL) is core to the success of all students. This school-based mental health program is guided by a framework of wellness and the principles of interelatability, sustainability, and equitability. Our dynamic approach utilizes evidence-based methods to provide mental health and wellness services to students and staff. We aim to empathetically and analytically listen to the voices of all key stakeholders. Collaboration with district administrators, school staff, students, and the community, enables the integration of the program within individual school cultures. This approach results in a systemic effect and lasting outcomes that will not only be evident in classroom practices and a healthy school culture, but also in student wellbeing inside and outside the school environment.

Core Tenets

Aspire to Inspire a Lifestyle of Wellness

We Care About Everything We Do

Awareness of Interelatability and Equitability

We Learn to Be Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

Lead Through Evidence-Based, Mindfulness-Based, and Trauma-Informed Practices

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